SVG Hunter

The First Premium SVG Finder

SVG Hunter is a program that works on Mac or Windows computer to allow you to search and find Free Premium SVGs for you to use with your cutting devices. We at have created a database where we have tagged and hunted down these patterns with keywords for easy searching.

Easily find the SVG files that you are looking for.

You have the choice between searching based on Tags or by File Name. You can also filter by designer/website.

1000’s of Free SVGs in the Database

Let’s face it there’s a lot of SVG files out there. SVG Hunter will only display those of quality and it will give you the option to visit the creators page that has the download link.

Database is updated weekly

As a member you’ll be able to download the latest and greatest database that unlocks the ability to find and download the SVG files that you may need for a project.

How SVG Hunter Works…

Start the Program and Import the SVG Hunter Database
Every week we search the major websites looking for and finding those free premium SVGs that were recently made available.

Just some of the websites that we have indexed...

Sherry K Designs
SVG Cuts
Monica Creative Room
Birds Cards
Dreaming Tree
Lily Ashley
KaDoodleBug Designs & More

*SVG Hunter does not store any SVG data nor photos on your computer. It provides links that take you directly to the designer’s website for download.
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You can Search by File Name or Tags
After we index the websites we apply tags to all of the SVGs to make it easy for you to find what you’re looking for. You can view a list of all the tags being used via the Tag Window. Easily drop and drag those keywords into the search box and see what populates.
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You find the SVG you want and click the visit website button
Once you find the SVG you’re looking for, click the Visit Website button and you’ll be taken to the Designer’s website where we’ve found the SVG. Sometimes this will take you to a store or a blog. Make sure you leave a nice comment thanking them for having their SVG available to you!
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Program Requirements

Internet Connection
An internet connection is required in order for this program to work.
The internet is needed to display the images as well as visit the designer’s website in order to download the SVG.
System Requirements
This program works on Windows Vista/7.0 and above. Mac OS version 10.7 and above.
Active SVG Hunter Account
Every month SVG Hunter’s access code will be changed. You’ll need to log into the members area in order to get the new access code.

Pricing & Signup

1 Year Signup - $20
You’ll get access to the monthly download of the database that will be updated and maintained weekly. Once you sign up you’ll be given an email with login and password. It is on the member page where you’ll be able to download the program as well as get the database.

This program is set up as an automatic renewal. Access Codes are set to expire on the 1st of the each month. At that time you’ll return to the members page to retrieve the latest Access Code.

You can cancel the membership at any time through PayPal. All annual sales/payments are final. Access to the database/svghunter will continue to be active until your anniversary date.
After signing up please check your email (PayPal) for your login details. This may be in your SPAM Folder.